Exploring how Ideas and feelings can be expressed through the use of movement in my art has been a dream of mine for over 30 years.

Our perception of reality is subjective. We are in constant flux, as is the world around us, always changing from moment to moment. Movement and time largely define our reality.

I’m obsessively passionate about exploring this aspect of our perception through my work. To be immersed in a living environment that challenges the imagination.

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Steve Matson pioneered “Moving Paintings”, 10 minute animated, immersive fine art works that are displayed on Digital screens

A self taught artist who grew up in Hawaii surrounded by nature. This connection to beauty has always influenced his work. His mother was an artist, recognized his talents at a very young age and encouraged his love for drawing and painting

In 1985 he saw the worlds first computer that was designed for artists called the “Paint box". Immediately seeing the potential to use this for his own art he moved to Northern California which launched him into and award winning career working in film and TV as an art director, concept artist, compositor, and matt painter

When he first started working with digital animation in the early 90s he knew he wanted to do: use this technology to bring his fine art paintings to life. He had to wait 20 years for technology to mature but during this time he developed his craft by working on great films: Life of Pi (Academy Award for Best Visual Effects 2013), Polar Express, Star Wars EP3, Superman, The Chronicles of Narnia, Surfs Up, Beowulf, 300 and many others

In 2008 he was finally able to create his first Moving Painting and sold them on commercial monitors through fine art Galleries that represented his work, achieving his life-long goal

Steve starts with paintings on canvas, combines animation, cinematography, digital visual effects, sound and up to 8 months of patient work to create one Moving Painting

He partnered with Nicolas Donel in 2014, and the two developed their own technology called “The ArtStick” a custom plug and play digital media player to display Steve's encrypted art on any TV

Steve has now sold thousands of moving paintings to hundreds of collectors from all over the world through eight galleries that permanently represent him. In recent years he’s focused on contemporary abstract work to complement his depictions of nature

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